Influência do sobrepeso sobre a Estrutura de Sustentação Osteomuscular

Carlos Tostes Guerreiro, Renata Iannetta, Julio Sérgio Marchini, Durval Ribas Filho, Ricardo Barelli Feitosa, Odilon Iannetta


In this century, among the numerous chronic diseases, we highlight obesity and osteoporosis as a result
of the growing and high prevalence which are now considered epidemic and two major public health

problems. There is little multidisciplinary research related to musculoskeletal clinical symptoms in patients
with overweight and simultaneously evaluating the state of the musculoskeletal support structure and
bone composition. The New Biology Bone, from an early age enables to trace the two bone matrix (protein
and inorganic) that make up the support structure of the entire musculoskeletal system. Nowadays you
can trace comprehensively bone protein matrix and detect early changes resulting from the habits,
drugs, idleness, hormone deficiencies, obesity, chronic diseases among others. The old understanding
that obesity exerts protective action to fractures was commuted by research in molecular level, which
found that adipocytes and osteoblasts share the same progenitor cell. Objective: To trace the two bone
matrix and compare the pattern of bone support structure in healthy young adults and on overweight.
Result: The comparison showed that both qualitative tools accused significant difference at p <0.001.
Stratification of UBPI tool revealed bone quality was poor in 7.7% of the patients with overweight and
none in the control group. Stratification Profile Biophysical Bone (PBO) detected in 43.1% of overweight
with Inverse Profile and none in the control group. Regarding quantitative tool (T-score) we didn´t detect
differences in its three stratifications. Conclusion: In patients with overweight an early analysis of two
bone-qualitative tools (PBO and UBPI) provide important information about the musculoskeletal support
structure and enables the clinical nutrition specialist to develop preventive actions in the short term.


bone matrices, obesity, osteoporosis prediction

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